Idle Games

Idle games, sometimes called “clicker” games and incremental games, have players perform easy basic actions such as clicking or tapping on an icon to make money. Often times, idle games do not even require any physical action on the player’s part to make in-game money, so the name idle games. Typically, in these games there is no need to memorize a series of commands or unlock codes in order to gain access to items, levels, and other interactive features. In short, the whole point of playing idle games is to click on things to make money. Although there are many different types of clicker/idle game available, they all serve to stimulate your brain in similar ways.

One of the earliest forms of idle games were the simple Clicker games that your mother played, using wooden dowels or other building materials to click and release animals. As technology advanced, these simple clickers evolved into much more complex games that involved complex technologies such as breeding clickers (which produces a specific breed of animal when clicked) and breeding clickers with food to gain health. It was this evolution of Clicker Gaming that brought it to its first technological level, which we know today as “Clicker Games”. In particular, most Clicker Games is an abstract form of luck, with the possibility of obtaining items and powers by using certain actions. Some of the most popular clicker game genres include Cityville, Farm Town, and Flixit, which is very addictive, has good replay value, and can be played with up to four people.

Another genre of idle games revolves around selling various commodities. In this genre, players must build a city, recruit workers, purchase equipment, and sell goods and services to get the money to build more buildings and recruit more workers. This involves complex algorithms and mathematics, and players are often left wanting for more challenge, and bigger cities. Most Clicker Games in this genre is resource based, which require complex math calculations to obtain the necessary money. The game is actually not very dependent on luck, but on skill calculation, which is why many Clicker Games is addictive.

One final type of idle games revolves around the concept of upgrading or improving on already existing systems of the game. In this genre, players must build an efficient city, recruit workers, purchase equipment, and learn to advance their own civilization. Unlike other genres, there is no real limit to how far one can progress, and players can build an empire quite quickly. Cityville, Farm Town, and Flixit are some of the best examples of this type of genre.

The last type of idle game revolves around the use of incremental clickers. In this genre, players must manage colonies of minuscule creatures called clickers and build a civilization through sheer brute force. Unlike other incremental clickers in which the animals have a limited lifespan, these creatures will stay alive for a much longer time and grow in numbers. Clicker Army is a great example of a game in which you must strategically manage your mouse population, as well as build up your military so that you can attack other players.

Regardless of which type of idle game you play, they all share a common concept: the goal is to achieve a set goal, without clicking on everything that happens. While this is true in almost every type of game, there are differences in how much emphasis you should put on keeping your clicks efficient. Clicker Army, for example, places a greater emphasis on the actual gameplay than most other clicker games. Farm Town, on the other hand, gives greater importance to managing your resources than the actual gameplay. Clicker Army on the other hand places less emphasis on efficiency, and is more focused on the gameplay than most other idle games. Which one you choose depends entirely on your own personal preference, which is why we recommend that you read our complete list of the best Clicker Games to tide you over between games!